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Since more than 150 years CONNECTON specializes in the production of fixings for the building industry, from slate hooks to clout nails, from wall ties to ceiling suspensions.
Relying on a state of the art machinery, assembly robots and qualified personnel we offer quality products that are innovative and flexible.

A know-how in different aspects

Our domains of expertise are:

  • Construction: wall ties, roof fixings, ceiling suspensions, ...
  • Industry : painting hooks, accoustic panel support, ...
  • Agriculture : clips, gardening supports, tent hooks,
  • Food :¬†skewers, ...

With wire you can make incredible products and solve lots of technical issues. Anchoring systems, fixations, assembly tools, springs, ... Wire will always be the lasting solution for lots of industries.

We are working with blanc wire, galvanized, copper, stainless steel, aluminium, ... and thanks to an assembly line in Slovakia we can solve all your problems in a flexible way. Besides this we also provide galvanisation of products in our subsidiary GALVAN.

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